Axxent Masters in Tea

Tea with a positive impact for all

Would you like to serve a tea concept that is both sustainable and innovative as well as original? Then choose one of our distinctive brands or develop your own Private Label line.

Whatever you choose, we'll make sure you serve a tea concept that perfectly suits your company or business.


We prefer to produce organic and Fairtrade certified teas, but can also produce conventional teas.


Our tea bags are compostable and plastic-free and therefore highly desirable in the organic waste bin.


Most of our tea is picked, processed and packaged in Sri Lanka and India. Thus, we contribute to a growing local economy and employment in the countries of origin.


Through the Fair Grounds Foundation, we and our partners help local communities around the tea fields. This is done by realising better housing, childcare, education and direct access to healthcare.

As a supplier of purely natural products, we accept responsibility for people, our product and the environment. Fundamentally, we are making better and better choices. More impact on the value chain, more focus on certified organic, and moving towards zero waste

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director

Go for one of our successful brands

With teas from Tea of Life, Bradley's and Sunleaf, there is always a concept that fits.

Each of our brands meets a specific need. For instance, the Tea of Life Fairtrade (organic) line is a perfect concept for the out-of-home market. This sustainable tea goes to hospitals, institutions and offices, among others.

Bradley’s is an excellent concept for the hospitality sector. All Bradley’s tea is Fairtrade certified, and one of the lines is organic too. The well-known Piraminis range is an innovative gift box with pyramid-shaped bags. Thus, the line capitalises on the experience that is so important in the out-of-home market.

With Sunleaf you have a high value-for-money concept on your hands, fully sustainable, but without any frills.

Need advice? Get in touch, and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for!

Developing a successful tea line?

We do that together! Based on our experience in tea, we will guide you from idea to final product. As a full-service supplier, we are involved in the entire chain, from start to finish, ranging from product development to production and inventory management. What does such a trajectory look like?

Our tea concepts are sustainable, innovative and original. Blends and packaging are always assembled as required.

Positive impact

An important part of our value chain is in Sri Lanka and India. Our tea is picked from high altitude tea fields in these two tea-producing countries. Whereas for many other tea brands it stops here and production continues elsewhere, our tea is also processed and packaged locally. This means the full value of tea – including packaging – lies in the country of origin. Thus, we contribute to a growing local economy and employment.

But it is about so much more than that. We want the people associated with the production and packaging of our tea to also achieve better living and housing conditions. That is why we have our own Fair Grounds Foundation.

This is how we create delicious tea. Tea with a positive impact for all.

Want to know more about how we work? Check out our Impact Report.

Our Fair Grounds Foundation

The Fair Grounds Foundation provides both financial and social support through projects that make a substantial difference in the living conditions of local people. Like education, housing and health care.