Sunleaf, just a little different.


With Sunleaf, you have a high value-for-money tea in your hands. In other words: good, sustainable tea at a competitive price.

The tea is picked in southern India and then packed in colourful, FSC-certified boxes. Tea pickers have selected only the best tea leaves, so you can enjoy the goodness of nature with every cup of tea. Our tea is picked, processed, blended and packaged by the local community with years of knowledge and experience. With every cup of Sunleaf tea, you thus contribute to a growing local economy.

That makes our tea just a little different.

The range

The range consists of 12 delicious flavours. From an all-time favourite like Earl Grey, to decaffeinated Ginger Lemongrass. Thanks to heat-seal envelopes, you are guaranteed the ultimate flavour retention The tea is packaged Green Deal proof, making it a welcome addition to the organic waste bin.

The Sunleaf range also includes an instant tea: ideal for a quick cup of tea from the hot drinks machine.

As a supplier of purely natural products, we accept responsibility for people, our product and the environment. Fundamentally, we are making better and better choices. More impact on the value chain, more focus on certified organic, and moving towards zero waste

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director

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