Fair Grounds Foundation

Our Fair Grounds Foundation

In addition to the contribution through the sale of Tea of Life tea, we are seeing more and more Private Label partners adding the Fair Grounds Foundation seal to their products. What a great development!

This is because contributions go directly to the local tea pickers and their families, who can invest it in education, housing and healthcare around the tea fields. The partners themselves can state what they consider an important theme. For example, a caterer wants to make a difference by offering primary school children a hearty hot meal every day, while an organic coffee roaster wants to promote local biodiversity. The projects are always implemented by local parties.

You don't have to do something like that. You can produce locally, because the product is top quality. And the knowledge too. But circumstances are not yet. You could just shrug your shoulders. But you could also choose to do something about it. Providing a better future to the people you work with.

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director