Our Fair Grounds Foundation

Buying tea with a positive impact.

Almost all tea from Axxent Masters in Tea is produced in Sri Lanka and India. To give something back to the people who make our unique tea products possible, we wanted to do more in addition to increasing employment. That’s when the Fair Grounds Foundation came into being, in 2009. Our main goal is to improve living and working conditions. In this way, more people have a job and Axxent Masters in Tea helps to contribute to a growing local economy. Your cup of tea therefore impacts the lives of our local producers and those of their families. Buying tea with a positive impact!

What is the Fair Grounds Foundation?

The Fair Grounds Foundation is an independent non-profit organization of Axxent Masters in Tea. Financial and community contributions go to projects where we can make a real difference, such as increasing access to education, facilitating health care and providing housing. These aspects are offered to create a better future for the people living and working around the tea plantations in Sri Lanka and India. The Fair Grounds Foundation works closely with local partners for these projects. The success of this project would not be possible without the support of our customers, partners, and employees. Together, we create a solid foundation for positive change and work towards a sustainable world for future generations.

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You don't have to do something like that. You can produce locally, because the product is top quality. And the knowledge too. But circumstances are not yet. You could just shrug your shoulders. But you could also choose to do something about it. Providing a better future to the people you work with.

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director

Axxent Masters in Tea: sustainable tea supplier

The Fair Grounds Foundation is more than just an initiative: it is a movement seeking tangible and lasting improvements.

“The first project, the construction of a preschool (daycare center) has led to great results. Construction began in 2010 at the Bogawantalawa Tea Estate Norwood, New Valley Division in Sri Lanka. It was a large investment project, but well worth it. To this day around 25 – 40 children of mainly tea pickers enjoy a nice and clean accommodation with good sanitary facilities. This allows the tea pickers to leave their child(ren) in a healthy and safe environment while working. This project served as a basis for the construction of the many childcare services that would follow.”

Want to do your part, too? Buying tea with a positive environmental impact is easy at Axxent Masters in Tea. There are several product ranges available, so there is always a tea to suit your business and taste.

Buying tea with a positive impact

As a tea supplier, we take responsibility and care about the people who make your delicious cup of tea possible. That way you help make a difference with every cup of tea.