Better tea, Better life


Tea of Life should preferably be enjoyed all day long. We therefore have several Fairtrade (organic) lines for the out-of-home market. So, no matter where you are, you’re always assured of a delicious cup of Tea of Life.

Good tea starts at the very beginning of the chain, with the tea leaves growing on Sri Lanka’s high altitude tea gardens. There, tea leaves are hand-picked by women with years of knowledge and experience. Herbs and teas are combined into delicious blends.

Unlike many other tea brands, all processing also takes place at the source, allowing the local economy to develop. Social initiatives are also promoted through the fixed contribution per kilo of tea sold.

Tea of Life:

  • Always Fairtrade, and where possible, organic too
  • Green Deal proof
  • Social impact
  • CO2-neutral production site

The Tea of Life logo

Have you had a good look at the Tea of Life logo? The lines continue around the packaging, and represent our connection to the source. You will also see various icons on these lines, which stand for distinctive elements of Sri Lankan culture. Each package is different. How many icons do you recognise?

As a supplier of purely natural products, we accept responsibility for people, our product and the environment. Fundamentally, we are making better and better choices. More impact on the value chain, more focus on certified organic, and moving towards zero waste

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director