Tea of Life: the biological tea brand

Better tea, better life

Tea of Life should preferably be enjoyed all day long. We therefore have several Fairtrade (organic) lines for the out-of-home market. So, no matter where you are, you’re always assured of a delicious cup of Tea of Life.

Good tea starts at the very beginning of the chain, with the tea leaves growing on Sri Lanka’s high altitude tea gardens. There, tea leaves are hand-picked by women with years of knowledge and experience. Herbs and teas are combined into delicious blends.

Unlike many other tea brands, all processing also takes place at the source, allowing the local economy to develop. Social initiatives are also promoted through the fixed contribution per kilo of tea sold.

Tea of Life:

    • Always Fairtrade, and where possible, organic too
    • Green Deal proof
    • Social impact
    • CO2-neutral production site

The Tea of Life logo

Have you looked closely at the Tea of Life logo? The lines continue around the packaging and represent our connection to origins. You can also see different icons on these lines that represent distinctive elements of Sri Lankan culture. Each package is different, giving you a truly unique tea packaging!

You don't have to do something like that. You can produce locally, because the product is top quality. And the knowledge too. But circumstances are not yet. You could just shrug your shoulders. But you could also choose to do something about it. Providing a better future to the people you work with.

Pim Oostrom | Axxent Masters in Tea Director

Axxent Masters in Tea:
sustainable tea supplier

The Fair Grounds Foundation of Axxent Masters in Tea is more than just an initiative; it is a movement striving for tangible and lasting improvements. The first project, the construction of a preschool (daycare center) has led to great results. Construction began in 2010 at the Bogawantalawa Tea Estate Norwood, New Valley Division in Sri Lanka. It was a large project investment, but well worth it.

To this day around 25 – 40 children of mainly tea pickers enjoy a nice and clean accommodation with good sanitary facilities. This allows the tea pickers to leave their child(ren) in a healthy and safe environment while working. This project served as a basis for the construction of the many childcare services that would follow.

Want to do your part too? Buying tea with a positive impact on the environment at Axxent Masters in Tea. As a tea supplier we take responsibility and look after the people who make your delicious cup of tea possible. Contact us for all your (tea) questions!

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