Private Label

Tailor-made blends to suit your business and taste

You know better than anyone else what your target group wants. And we know better than anyone what the possibilities are with tea.

So we are happy to join forces to develop the perfect Private Label tea line for you! There is an infinite range of possibilities when it comes to blends, packaging, certifications and variety. We will show you the way in the world of tea so you can successfully launch your own tea line!

How do you develop your own Private Label tea line?

  • We’ll discuss your wants and needs
  • Advice will follow on the tea concept that fits your business perfectly
  • We will discuss the tea concept with our production partner who has years of knowledge and experience
  • With you, we will taste-test the proposed flavours and fine-tune them until they are completely to your liking
  • We will guide you through the design process
  • Once everything is to your liking, your Private Label line will go into production!
  • No need to worry about logistics and stocks, we’ll take care of that
  • Enjoy your own unique tea line that suits your business 100%. Cheers!

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Our tea concepts are sustainable, innovative and original. Blends and packaging are always assembled as required.


Years of cooperation with our GFSI-certified production partners at the source, ensures only high-quality and food-safe products are brought to market.

Every year, our food safety system is also examined in detail during the audit. As a team, we are proud to have achieved a 100% IFS Broker score for the second time in a row this year! An exceptional score that we aim to maintain in future years.