From waste to valuable resource

Separating waste properly helps the recycling process. Do you know where which part of the tea box should be thrown away?

Before we share instructions, we would like to emphasize that the recycling process and thus the seperating process differs in every country. Always check local instructions. The below is applicable in The Netherlands.

Box | The tea box must be disposed of with the old paper. In this way, fiber pulp can be made from which new paper and cardboard can be made.

Envelope | The envelopes can make you doubt because of the plastic layer on the inside of the envelope. Nevertheless, these envelopes are very suitable for recycling with the old paper. The layer is only on one side and is filtered out. Did you know that the plastic layer is there for a better and longer preservation of taste and smell?

Tea bag | The tea in the tea bags is a major contributor to organic waste! It is 100% organic, has a high biogas potential and leads to more and cleaner compost. A sustainable solution, because raw materials are reused. The entire tea bag, including string and tag, can therefore also be disposed of with the organic waste. Thanks to the Green Deal*, from the beginning of 2023, all tea bags can be put in the green bin (please do!), so there is no need to hesitate anymore.

*The Green Deal represents the national transition for the coffee and tea sector to switch to compostable coffee pods and tea bags. This ambition has been achieved, so that coffee pods and tea bags can be disposed of with green waste instead of residual waste. In this way, residual waste is reduced, more and cleaner compost is created and there is clarity for consumers.